A comedian’s job is to make you laugh, there are no boundaries, not every one has the same sense of humor. If you know the kind of  material a certain comedian talks about then it should be a pretty simple decision for you to not attend their show. As for that woman who heckled Tosh , she got what she deserved. You do not go to a comic show to take a stance on what is politically correct. You go there to laugh. Once you start taking a comedian serious to that point , you’re no longer searching for entertainment. This is one of Louis C.K.’s rape jokes and not one person in the audience objects to this. Because they know it is merely a comedy show not a lecture. 

Good point, human male. But if I may…

Without getting into a big thing about what’s funny, what’s not funny, what you can joke about, what you can’t joke about, or the nature of being offended or offending people…

The problem with this comparison is that Louis C.K.’s joke is not trivializing rape or making fun of rape victims. His joke is pointing at the ridiculousness of a rapist’s perspective and thought process. “I want to fuck somebody and they won’t let me? I will still fuck that person.” Louis C.K.’s rape joke is about rape, sure, but the punchline is the rapist. Rapists are being made fun of here.

Tosh Point said that rape jokes are always funny because he thinks rape is hilarious, and then when a woman spoke up, he said “Wouldn’t it be funny if this woman here got raped by five guys right now?” Now, it’s pretty common knowledge that 1/4 of women have been sexually assaulted in their lives (not including unreported assaults), and if a comedian outright says that the terrible violent act against a woman is hilarious, the comedian should not be surprised when a woman speaks up about it. I’m not saying the woman in question was a victim of rape, but there’s more than a 25% chance that Daniel Tosh Point told a rape victim that it would be hilarious if she was raped by five guys at that moment. “Got what she deserved”, apparently.


Tosh Point’s rape jokes are about how hilarious rape is. His punchlines are rape victims and the act of rape.

Louis C.K.’s rape jokes are about how stupid rapists are. His punchlines are rapists.

Because fuck rapists.

Rape them, in fact.

EDIT: Don’t rape them. Don’t rape.

This is really well written. My hat goes off to

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