First of all, Mikey WAS dropped as a kid. Have you seen the origin story?

Secondly, all of the Ninja Turtles are badasses. They’re 15-year-old highly trained ninjas who can fight off ninja clans and mutant monsters.

Unfortunately, society seems to think that in order to be badass, you have to be surly. Apparently you can’t be tough with a smile on your face. 

You know who else acts like they were dropped as a child? This guy


Maybe you don’t think Jackie Chan is a badass, but let’s review his track record. Here are some of the injuries he has sustained:

And yet, through all these injuries he sustained while filming movies, he went on to complete the filming.

The point I’m trying to make is this man is a badass. And yet


We need to let go of our childish and archaic notions that to be a “real man” or a badass you need sulk around and have anger issues. 

True strength comes from compassion. A real badass can smile in the face of danger.


Finally, if you dislike someone because of their physical appearance, you have some growing up to do.