thegoldfishnamedcolin said: Do you watch Big Brother?

I sure do. Derrick is putting on an absolute clinic this season. 

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Anonymous said: Do people really have to follow you? I thought your blog was part of the tumblr welcome package when you sign up...

I like the thought of being part of the Tumblr Welcome Package.

I think because I am listed on the Tumblr Spotlight for Funny blogs I am also in the rotation of blogs that Tumblr automatically recommends when you create a new Tumblr account. I don’t think every new Tumblr user is made to follow me automatically, but a lot of them are. 

However you found me, thanks for sticking around.

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Anonymous said: My deal: I like improv and other comedy and so like that made sense. Emprov is dope.

E-MPROV is dope! Thank you. You get a gold star for the day.

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myfacewaschizzledbythegods said: Hello, you're not a cool mom


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tyberiusrescued said: why I followed: I joined tumblr. tumblr told me you were funny. holds up so far. don't drop the ball.

Thanks tyberiusrescued. Hopefully you’ll never be


Anonymous said: "a functional operating system" The hell are you on about?

Oh nothing. Just that the Nexus is a piece of dog doo doo with a big screen.

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Anonymous said: Have you ever seen or heard of the Home Improvement Super Nintendo game? You play as Tim and fight dinosaurs with power tools.

nnnnnope! But I want to see it!

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Anonymous said: I'm pretty sure I saw that same number routine on an old Ma and Pa Kettle movie. (I'm on anon because I don't want people to know I watch Ma and Pa Kettle movies.) So maybe that's a classic Vaudeville routine.

It looks like it IS an old Vaudeville routine dating back to at least 1921 with Flournoy Miller and Aubrey Lyles.

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thefrogman said: I don't think it can be broken down into a specific formula or pattern. The intent of Dad Jokes is to embarrass kids. To make them moan and roll their eyes. The more they do, the more the dad enjoys and laughs at his clever little joke. As a supreme court justice once said about trying to determine if something is profane, "I know it when I see it." I think dad jokes are more like that.

OK thefrogman, then how do you break down the difference between a bad joke, a bad pun, and a dad joke? 

Also, I’ll tell you this. My kids have a different definition for Dad Jokes. In my house Dad Jokes are jokes that bring the fucking house down.

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Anonymous said: theyre called dad jokes because theyre cheesy jokes a dad would say to their child...

Dad jokes have a specific style and pattern. 

"I’m hungry."

"Nice to meet you, Hungry. I’m dad."

That’s a typical pattern for a Dad joke. 

"Can I go to the bathroom?"

"I don’t know, CAN you?" 

That’s another typical Dad joke. 

The joke, “How does NASA organize a party? They planet.” is a pun. Just a straight up pun. Good old fashioned pun. 

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Anonymous said: Your spray on moustache post was really upsetting to see. I didn't think I would see something like that on your page. I know as a comedian you like to make light of hard stuff but don't you think that was a little offensive??

That GIF was originally made back when that event first happened. The Internet had taken to ridiculing that officer in a variety of ways, and GIFs of him in different situations were flooding the Internet. Nobody at that time complained to me about that GIF being offensive. Maybe without the context of all the other posts making fun of that of that officer it might have a different feeling. But no, I don’t think it’s offensive.

I’m sorry it upset you. 

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Anonymous said: Are you fucking serious it was the whole movie

You’re gonna have to be a little more specific.What are we talking about here?

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mandalorianmango said: So I'm about to do an open mic again. When did you lose the crippling nervousness that comes before going on stage?

Let’s see…I started performing professional improv show in 1999 and I threw up before every show until around…2007. 

When I first started, I would get nervous before every show. Those nerves would convert themselves into vomit, sometimes literally seconds before I was supposed to be onstage.

Over the years, I gained confidence in my abilities but would still feel those nerves before the show and would still throw up. It got to a point where I wasn’t actually nervous anymore, but my body was like, “Welp, it looks like we’re about to do a show. I guess it’s time to throw up now.” 

I remember one night before a stand up show, I told myself, “If I throw up tonight I’m NOT going onstage.” This was a lie I told myself to try to contain the vomit. Even though I knew I would perform no matter what, the lie worked and I didn’t throw up that night.

I slowly got better at controlling my nerves, sort of like an X-Men whose superpower was…not vomiting. 

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Anonymous said: The ask was indeed a response to your show. I will not be able to look at corn on the cob the same way again.

Well thank you for watching!

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Anonymous said: Nate, I think you need to stop eating the corn on the cob. :(

Is this in response to my show on or are you referring to one of my chins?

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