Anonymous said: Hi Nate! You're a super funny and very wise man. If you don't mind me asking, how do I stop carrying the burden of feeling rejected in the dating world? I'm a lady and I got rejected recently after one date because I "wasn't mature enough", even though the guy didn't really bother to get to know me at all. He talked about himself the whole time and I couldn't get a word in! My heart hurts and I want to feel okay again. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you. :)

Hi! Thanks for the compliments!


I think there’s a couple ways to approach your problem. First of all, based on how you described the guy it sounds like you really dodged a bullet. Maybe he was good looking or something, but do you really care if a guy like that doesn’t want to date you? You should be rejecting him. 

So for that specific example I would say that you should just be grateful you don’t have to date him anymore.

The issue of dealing with rejection in general is a different beast. Rejection is something MOST people deal with in some aspect of their life. Nobody really likes it. 

I think the most powerful thing you can do is to give dating and relationships less power in your life. Make them less important. Instead, give your attention to creative pursuits, or your education, or career. Let dating be a fun thing that happens when it happens and doesn’t when it doesn’t. 

And if you date someone and they reject you, don’t hold on to that. Cut them out of your life, or at least minimize their importance.

I hope this helps some. Feel free to ask follow-up questions. 

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Anonymous said: Do you think men pushing girls and young women to act girly (for lack of a better term) is more of an influence than adult women doing the same? Seems like an issue that gets driven in as being the fault of men, not just society as a whole.

I think anyone pushing anyone to act any way is an issue. But I’m definitely not going to complain about men taking the brunt of the blame for this issue.

Men as a group have retained more power and control than any other group in history. Sure, sometimes moms will push their daughters to be girly, but that is often so that their daughters will conform to the world that has largely been shaped by men.

If you’re worrying about who is being blamed for the problem, you’re not concentrating on the actual problem.

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tuxedollamas said: I love your sweater. Where can I get one?


TJ Maxx

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Anonymous said: you wanted to be Mikey? Don't worry, you got the orange accents down with that hair...

Yes, I want(ed) to be Mikey. 

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Anonymous said: Hi Nate! You're a hilarious and talented person. What was starting out as a comedian like? Did you do open mics? How was your fist experience on stage? Thanks for your time!

Fist of all, thank you! That’s so kind of you to say. 

So here’s the story of how I got started in comedy.

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Anonymous said: What the fuck? Your mom is hot

That’s not my mom. That’s the usher at the Cardinals game. 


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jeffrothehomo said: I'm still laughing about "Bruce Banner hulking out taking a poop" :) Hilarious!! I wish I could draw that!

Well SOMEONE needs to draw it.

Anonymous said: Are you real

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Anonymous said: Robocop Fluffernutter. There you go. That's what your t-shirt should be.

Well technically that is the intellectual property of @thedaddycomplex . But let’s keep brainstorming.

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Anonymous said: Do you have stuff to buy? I like what you do and would like to support it by buying a t-shirt or DVD, but I don't see a link to a store.

That’s pretty awesome. I have 2 kids you could buy…? 

Should I make t-shirts? Something else? How many of you would be interested in something like that?

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Anonymous said: According to Chris Rock, the only way to be a real American is to either kill people on command or enter the country illegally. Is that what YOU believe? That voting, paying taxes, and working to make your local communties better just ain't worth shit?

It’s a joke that boils down a very complex concept to a simple point, which is that a lot of Americans think we are better than people from other countries solely because we were born in America. And that basic attitude is stupid.

But if you are someone who pays taxes and works to make your local community better, regardless of whether you’re doing that in America or any other country, good for you. Give yourself a pat on the back.

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shesmyonly said: Hello my name is mmppph mmpph and I am a fellow user. The reason that I think you should promote me is because the following.... 1) I am the type of guy that likes h̦̼̩͍e̫̟̫ą̞̟̫̤͇̝d̺̖͕̠b̻̹̭̩ṷ̥̀t̥̟͇̮t̡͖͓i̪n҉̞̱g̥̠̰͡ ̹̕w̜̫a͓͚̥̞ḽ̵̯̻͍̱l̙̫͡s͈͎. 2)I have been on tumblr for you and only you. 3) the blog you run is T̙H̵̞̻̖̫Ę̙̼ ̜͟ÓN̙͙̞̮L̹̤̯̭̫̩͇Y͉͔̰̬ ͟ reason i conitnue nue. 4) IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII AAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM SCAAAAAAAAAAARED. Thank you for your life :)

Yeah…that’s a no.

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ill-makeyousmile said: Hello my name is Cattlin Zwicker and I am a fellow tumblr user. The reason that I think you should promote me is because the following.... 1) I am the type of guy that likes to talk and get to know people. 2)I have been on tumblr for quite a while and need to follow and get followed by more people. 3) the blog you run is good and a blog I would be honoured to be promoted by. 4)I am a funny person as I would like to think and can bring joy to people. Thank you for your time :)

I appreciate your effort. But I have a few follow-up questions. This is not yet a promotion. 

How long is “quite a while”? 

What is something original you bring to Tumblr? 

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Anonymous said: Why haven't you gone Pro yet?


Anonymous said: christians as a blanket term. love it

Would you care to elaborate? Are you saying you’d like to start using ‘christians’ as a term for blankets? Like, “At night I hate it when my wife hogs all the christians.’ Like that?

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