This is just killin’ it.  Some of you improv folks may recognize this guy from Improvised Shakespeare Co.  It seems he has a way with verse, aye?  (This is just really reconfirms my love of all things mac)

“I’m a Mac” by Ross Bryant & TastyTrade

I dislike this sort of overt Mac celebration because it’s the sort of thing that makes PC users hate us. A lot of the stuff celebrated in this video seem frivolous (even though they are not) and will only fuel the PC users who claim Apple products aren’t productive or useful.

I’m a Mac, for shizzle. And if you come to me and ask me about it, I will lay down plenty of reasons why I choose Mac over PC. But I will never go to you and tell you Mac is better than PC. To each his own (although I do feel sorry for those who choose PC route).

That being said, this video is well made and pretty catchy.