Tumblr Crushes:
pizzagangordie Pizza!
finalellipsis …!
slacktory Slack!
nickdouglas Nick!
lifeisaslowharold This is one of my oldest improv buddies/mentors. He’s also a great photographer.
samaralex Sam!
cityblue30 City!
crispyspacebacon Bacon!
azureusblue Azure!

Tumblr Crushes:

hiddenlex said: How many objects can fit in your Ask Hole at one time?

A lot! I have a gaping Ask Hole. As far as I know, it’s unlimited. But let’s find out together!

Tumblr Crushes:
topherchris - well…this is awkward.
kermit-the-blog - still giggling about his blog’s name
cityblue30 - oh…Canada
pleatedjeans - funniest pair of jeans on the internet
xwhatserface - silly girl
dpaf - The founder of Daily Picks and Flicks…maybe you’ve heard of him?
samaralex - Queen of the Tumblr Radar
jurassicparksnrec - I was watching Parks and Rec last night imagining what I might see on this blog today.
mrgoldendeal - I just like his reblogs of my posts a lot.

Tumblr Crushes:

samaralex replied to your photo: Everybody Poops with Pringles

Did you just get judged by potato chips?


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hiddenlex said: The way I look at it, I wouldn't be following you (the general "you", not YOU you) if I didn't want to see what you blog. I don't really skip over anything. So for me, having an extra HEY LOOK AT THIS feature is just superfluous and annoying. And that's what hurt MySpace,Twitter and FB (IMO), they took a nice clean design and kept putting flashing lights on it to "improve it". When all Tumblr needs to do is copy what Missing E provides. *shrug* Just my 2 cents. Not a big deal either way.

Yeah, I see that point and it makes sense. But like I said, I miss a bunch of posts because so much goes by my dash while I’m away from the computer, that when I’m trying to catch up I tend to skim. And anything that isn’t extremely visually appealing, will probably get skipped over. So, for instance, a really good text post, will be missed, unless the author highlights it.

I think once the initial fervor passes, it won’t be such a common thing that it will clutter the dash.

I agree that the feature doesn’t gain you any extra exposure. I miss the old spotlight feature (I’m not sure that’s what it was called) where you could pay to be featured on the top of the page. I used that as a way to attract new viewers and it was really worth it.

But I think the value in the feature is being able to tell your viewers “THIS is something I worked hard on” or “THIS is something that is important to me.” A good example of this is a video that Nick Douglas released on Slacktory. I saw it and would have passed on it until later simply because I’m busy, but it was highlighted. And since I like and respect Nick, I thought, “I guess I’ll watch that now.” I’m glad I did because it was hilarious.

My main beef is with people who react negatively to change. The feature was live for less than an hour before I started seeing massive amounts of angry posts. Most people who were upset about it hadn’t even tried it yet, and none of us have had enough time to see how it will affect our normal daily Tumblr usage. 

New features at Tumblr don’t always last long. That’s something I love about Tumblr. They are always changing. 

To change with change is the changeless state

- Bruce Lee

Last night I googled ‘Fleshlight’ which was horrifying.


What should I google tonight?

Welcome to Nate Smith After Dark

modus-ponies answered: pterodactyl porn

sightofyourdemons answered: koala bears!

mamacaitlin answered: Stoma.

villainsdontsleep answered: bukkake

samaralex answered: Epispadias.

concidermeopenminded answered: bitches be trippin

scaringrobots said: Blue waffles

mycowgoeswhee answered: penis pump disasters

tastybaconface answered: tummy sticks

8-bit-dildo answered: Holes - Henmaru Machino

What’s wrong with you people?

samaralex replied to your photo: I’m raising a scumbag.

My husband did that to me the other day.

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