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A comment from finalellipsis:

Sometimes I get the feeling that Whose Line is it Anyway is scripted.

It’s not.

It is however gimmicky, overly produced, and caters to each of the performers’ particular strengths. Wayne Brady is of course always going to do the singing games, and Ryan Stiles and Colin Mochire are always going to play the Questions game together. The overall nature of the beast will make it seem like the show is scripted or planned, but the scenes that the performers are doing are completely improvised.

To clarify, Whose Line features short form improv. I primarily perform long form improv. The difference is with long form, a group of improvisers take one suggestion from the audience and use that idea for 15-60 minutes (depending on the show).

A question from cheskasmagiccastle:

How do you sustain the improvisation? Don’t you even run out of ideas?

You sustain the improvisation by listening to your scene partners, or even to yourself. If you are trying to come up with ideas, you certainly will run out of them. But good improv doesn’t involve coming up with ideas, or even thinking at all. Instead of trying to think quickly on your feet, you should focus on what your scene partner is saying/doing, and then react to that in an honest way.

While you are doing that, your teammates who are not currently in the scene, will be watching and looking for the right opportunity to add to the scene, or edit the scene and start a new one. So you’re never completely on your own when improvising, and it’s never up to you alone to sustain the improvisation.

Here’s a good example of that.

A smart ass comment from thedaddycomplex

Why don’t you improv an answer, smart guy.

I…think that’s what I’m doing. I’m going to pummel you, David.

Submit your questions HERE

Watch more comedy videos from the twisted minds of the UCB Theatre at


Here’s the first episode of Secret Santa, a web series by UCB beta team Pantsuit. I’m in it, along with Anthony Gioe, Deb Tarica, Alex Fernie, Neil Campbell, Suzi Barrett, Mary Holland and Greg Tuculescu.

This was one of the most fun days I’ve had since moving to LA. I spent most of the shoot laughing at everyone else. And eating cheese doodles.

This is hilarious. And I can’t vouch for everyone in this video, but if you ever see get a chance to see Suzi Barrett (green shirt) perform improv live, drop everything you are doing and go.



Come see me Sunday Oct 9 as the guest monologuist in the Asssscat improv show at Upright Citizens Brigade LA 7:30p FREE

If you are in the LA area, I recommend this.

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The Best Nate Smith Comedy Ever! Part 3: This time it’s personnel

Well as you know, it is officially ON. 

(graphics by Rreeuq)

That’s right. This online feud has blown up to cinematic proportions! We are in NO WAY just two guys with the same name and a desperate need to seek attention and talk about ourselves. This is REAL LIFE!

To catch you up to speed, as Newsie Nate so aptly put I blogged him a new one the other day after I discovered that he had usurped me as the top Google result when searching for “Nate Smith Comedy.” 

He has since responded to the new one that I blogged him, with what I will kindly refer to as the “whimperings of a little girl." If you haven’t read it yet, you should read that before proceeding on with what is about to be a major blog whooping. 

First of all, Newsie mentioned that the NYC comedy community is all a buzz talking about me. He says, and I quote,

He’s come up occasionally in the NYC comedy community- primarily when he started to follow the tweet’s or tumblrings of a peer who thought that that Nate Smith was this Nate Smith.  Yes, it’s been confusing.

They’re talking about me!?!?!? I mean…psh! No big deal. I’ve got a real good thing going here in Portland…and on the internet. So yeah…I definitely don’t need to know who the heck these amazing New York comedy people are. I’m SO not combing through all the people I’ve followed in the last few years.

Moving on. Newsie postulates that URL’s aren’t important anymore and that the fact that I own is not a big deal. He claims this: 

Honestly, URL’s aren’t important anymore.  Neither are email addresses.  Folks either click a pasted link or type the first two characters in their browser window and follow their stored URL’s to wherever their going.  URL’s are utilitarian street addresses at this point.  To think differently is BUFFOONERY!

And you know, he makes a great point. I can’t tell you how many times after a comedy show I’ve said to the audience, “And if you want to find out more about me go to” I would just say “Go to Nate Smith Comedy dot com” but that just seems so…wordy. 

Newsie goes on to flaunt his Hollywood status. Not only has he been on 30 Rock, but he was incorrectly given credit for being on the show Portlandia, a sketch comedy show being filmed right in my back yard! (Not literally, my backyard is really small and my neighbors are really uptight)

What the hell? WHAT THE EVER LOVING HELL!?!?! It’s not good enough that you were Reporter #2 on Bronx World Travelers (seriously, what is that?) but you are now STEALING credit for shows neither of us have been on? Great, that’s what it has come to?

Oh and WHOOPITY DOO! You have an IMDB page. What does that, like, make you someone who’s been in a movie, or on the internet, or on a database? Well, I’ve got a special little page of my own. Wanna see it? Here: Go ahead. Check it out. 


Finally you did a little name dropping in regards to your improvical expertise. Craig Rowin, eh? Pretty impressive. But you aren’t the only one who shares the stage with some amazing people. I perform with the following titans of comedy:

Bob Ladewig: He kind of looks like Craig Rowin

Stacey Hallal: Founder of the Curious Comedy Theater.


Garrett Palm: International man of comedy.

So yeah, I’ve got that going for me. Why don’t you bring your friend Craig Rowin out here so he and Bob can trade glasses, and the rest of us can have a big improv comedy face-off (which will be just like the movie Face-Off). 

[And yeah, come on out here and we can hang out at Stumptown and get a slice at Apizza Scholls and you can take care of my baby while my wife and I catch a movie.]

How to handle the growing crisis in the world of Nate Smith Comedy

Several Tumblr Titans have weighed in on how they think we should settle this dispute.

hawaiiansdonotblog says: 

Current status: Mixing together 1800 packets of jello. Hope no one’s allergic to Cherry, ‘cus it’s time to Jelly Wrestle through this squabble. Do not be alarmed by the recording devices I have strategically rigged up. They are simply for educational purposes and hawaiiansdonotblog can in no way be held responsible should your likeness appear on*. Now disrobe. 

Okay, just a note on that. is a real website and it is NOT a parenting site that gives advice on how to discipline your kids. Don’t go to it. It’s gross.

thedaddycomplex says: 

If ’80s television is any guide, the only way to solve this is for the evil one to grow a mustache. Then, we’ll know who to root for. (If you need further direction: The good guy drives K.I.T.T. and the bad guy drives Goliath.) Commence the growing!

Now this is an idea I can get behind! An old fashioned mustache growing contest! And here’s the best part. When I lose, and I will definitely lose, that will only vindicate me and prove to the world that I am the good Nate Smith and he is the evil Nate Smith. But if by some strange and hilarious act of God, I actually manage to grow a mustache, while it will be proving that I am the evil Nate Smith, I will have a mustache! And if it turns out I’m the evil one, I’ll just have him killed. 

Thanks for the ideas guys. If you have any more brilliant ideas like these, please send them in! 

UPDATE: I’ll be adding any other responses here:

thefrogman replied to your post:How to handle the growing crisis in the world of Nate Smith Comedy

Aristocrats showdown?

Haha…Um…no, I don’t think that will be happening. But good idea.

mammalingo replied to your post:How to handle the growing crisis in the world of Nate Smith Comedy

Great material for a sequel to Chicago. You’re Roxie. He’s Velma. Or you’re Velma. He’s Roxie. It doesn’t matter. You’ve competed. No one won. Now, join together, raise your jazz hands and sing your hearts out. Razzle dazzle ‘em. And wear sequins.

I have amazing jazz hands. 

lifeisaslowharold replied to your post: How to handle the growing crisis in the world of Nate Smith Comedy

Since I know both, I should decide based on best bribe.

Ooh, I like this. A theoretical bribe contest. I am VERY good at coming up with theoretical bribes. I’m starting off the bidding with a live Elephant.

My, my, my, my, my, oh me oh my, my, my. My.

Look what has reared it’s pretty little head and shown itself. It’s none other than the OTHER Nate Smith of Comedy. It appears he indeed does have his own Tumblr blog at From here on out I will be referring to him as Nate Smith News, or Newsie. Yeah, that has a nice ring to it.

Here’s a link to Newsie’s response. I encourage you all to read it. We must know what lies our enemies are spreading. And I also implore you all to start following Newsie. If we are going to win this war we are going to need to have a strong network of spies. Remember what they say,

"keep your friends close, and follow your enemies online." - Mark Zuckerberg

Here’s the beginning snippet of his response. Click the title of this post to be whisked away to his blog to read more. Then report back to me with any intel you might have gained during your reconnaissance.


Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well. Well.

I’ve known about Portland, Oregon comedian, improviser, blogger and father, Nate Smith for a while.

He’s come up occasionally in the NYC comedy community- primarily when he started to follow the tweet’s…

Best Nate Smith Comedy EVER!

This is bad guys. This is REAL bad! For quite some time if you were to Google “Nate Smith Comedy” you’d find nothing but me on there. Just Googling “Nate Smith” would be hit and miss, but add Comedy and I was the KING! 

Until now…Apparently there’s a Nate Smith who performs at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade in New York. And he just usurped me.

You’ll notice that he is the top hit, and then all the rest of the results on the first page are for me. 

The irony is that I just wrote a post about what a great time I had hanging out with some peeps from the UCB. And now the UCB has STABBED ME IN THE BACK. 

Who does this Nate Smith guy think he is? Does he think he’s more important than me because he performs at one of the more prestigious comedy theaters in the country? Does he even actually perform there? Let’s take a look at his profile.

Okay, first take away. He’s pretty damn good looking. And I get the sense that he can grow a full mustache and beard on a whim. Whatever. Not impressed.

Let’s see, what else? Notable acting credits: 30 Rock. Pshh! Is that show even still on?

Alright, alright. Maybe this guy is pretty impressive. But what about his website? ? Nate Smith News? Oh, I’m sorry is he a news man? I thought he was supposed to be a comedian. Why doesn’t he own ? Oh that’s right, BECAUSE I DO! BOO-YAH! 

I think that clearly settles it. I’m still the top Nate Smith of Comedy. I’m sure Google will have this grievous error sorted out soon. Until that time, just ignore that top result. Definitely DON’T click on it and watch one of his hilarious videos.

And as for YOU other Nate Smith. I’m on to you. If you think you deserve that top spot, why don’t you prove it. I challenge you to come out to Portland, OR, and perform with me at the very prestigious Curious Comedy Theater. Then we shall see who is really the best. I’d totally come out to New York but you know, I’ve got a baby and I’m not making 30 Rock money.

As promised here is a clip from the improv set I did the other night as part of the opening act for the Upright Citizens Brigade. In this clip I play a doctor who feels the need to challenge himself.

(Vimeo videos are currently not working on Safari 5.0.4)

Opened for UCB LA

Last night was the type of night I wish all my nights were like. With the exception of not getting to see my wife and child, it was pretty much a perfect night. 

It started with a really insightful improv workshop taught by the very talented and aromatic (?) David Harris of the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) TourCo.

We’re Facebook friends now, so I’m sure he doesn’t mind me ripping his profile pic. After the workshop he and the rest of the crew, Suzi Barret, Joel Spence, and Joe Wengert, put on a show at the Curious Comedy Theater.

My Facebook friendship is still pending with them, so they might be royally pissed that I used their profile pics. Also…the sizing of the above photos is relative to the femininity of the performers and has nothing to do with my inability to properly resize images.

Before the UCB team took the stage, The Curious Comedy Main Stage Players (including me) performed as their opening act. We had a full house and it was a pretty great set. I’ll have video clips to show you soon.

Then the UCBers put on an incredible show that included Bill Cosby burning an American flag, a restaurant owner who was literally half man half piece of shit, and a whole lot of nub grabbing.

After the show, I decided to neglect my family just a little bit longer and I hung out at the theater with the cool kids. We mostly just sat their watching the UCB team eating their dinner and checking Twitter. But there were spurts of intellectual conversations mostly about how Unicorns should be deployed to Libya.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome night. The kind of night that makes you feel like this.

Thanks UCB LA. From the Curious Comedy Theater in Portland, OR, this is Nate Smith saying, “Don’t you forget about me.”

Opening for the UCB TourCo tonight

If you’re in Portland and have nothing to do tonight, or even if you have pretty awesome plans tonight, you should come out to the Curious Comedy Theater tonight to see the UCB TourCo show.

I just found out that I will get to be part of the opening act for their show tonight. That’s pretty exciting for me.

Show Details: 9pm, Curious Comedy Theater, 5225 NE MLK, Portland, OR

You can get tickets here -

And learn more about the Curious Comedy Theater here -

And learn more about the UCB TourCo here -

The UCB Theatre is the greatest producer of comedic talent in America today and the Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company brings the very best of our theatres in NYC and LA directly to you. It’s your chance to see stars of today and tomorrow live on stage from the theatre that brought you comedy greats like Horatio Sanz, Amy Poehler, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, MTV’s Human Giant, the Daily Show’s Rob Riggle and many many more. -

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