philosofiction said: I'm changing my last name to Smith, so when I have a kid I can name him Nate and breed him into the Best Nate Smith Ever.

Challenge accepted. 

Last night I googled ‘Fleshlight’ which was horrifying.


What should I google tonight?

Welcome to Nate Smith After Dark

modus-ponies answered: pterodactyl porn

sightofyourdemons answered: koala bears!

mamacaitlin answered: Stoma.

villainsdontsleep answered: bukkake

samaralex answered: Epispadias.

concidermeopenminded answered: bitches be trippin

scaringrobots said: Blue waffles

mycowgoeswhee answered: penis pump disasters

tastybaconface answered: tummy sticks

8-bit-dildo answered: Holes - Henmaru Machino

What’s wrong with you people?