"Video game violence is not a new problem. Who can forget in the wake of Sim City how children everywhere took up urban planning? It was all ‘Tune in, turn on, and zone for residential use, man!!!’"

— STEPHEN COLBERT, remarking on gun nuts trying to shift blame for gun violence to video games — instead of, we don’t know, guns — on The Colbert Report (via inothernews)

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Here are a few Tumblr ONLY SNEAK PEAK iphone pics of another one of my “cases” that I have been working on lately. It is a series of 3. This is No. 2. There will be 1 more as well. Thanks.

 16” x 9” x 16.75” (open)
 11.75” x 9” x 9” (closed)
 Miscellaneous Medium

 By: RON ULICNY | Tumblr

Ron, I hope you come to the Portland Tumblr Meetup. And bring that box with you!

This is well done.


Fake Hunger Games Coca Cola Commercial

Dystopian societies are what happen when you tell a waitress that Pepsi isn’t okay.

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